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Turning out voters,
Shaping the future.

Latino men creating influence one vote at a time.

According to the Pew Research Center an estimated:

34.5 million

Latinos will be eligible to vote in November 2024.

Latinos are the fastest-growing racial and ethnic group in the U.S. electorate since the last midterm elections.

The data suggests that the Latino community presents an ongoing potential to influence electoral outcomes, particularly in key swing states.


Focusing on specifically Latino men as a voting group presents several opportunities that can address their specific concerns, foster engagement, and recognize the unique aspects of this community, political entities can build stronger connections and enhance their electoral appeal.

What are they saying?

The New York Times

Latino, Working Class and Proud

A friendship forged in a Las Vegas barbershop offers clues to one of the biggest questions of the presidential election: Can Democrats win back Latino men?

“You know what I care about: What’s going to affect me, personally?What’s going to affect my barbershop? What’s going to affect my house outside of that?”


The Latino surge for Republicans in the Trump era is real. Democrats need to adjust.

"Among the questions that stumped strategists, journalists, and pundits in the aftermath of the 2022 midterm elections — one in which Democrats surprisingly overperformed — was one big mystery: What happened to the much-hyped “red wave” of Latino Republican voters that was supposed to realign American politics?"

The Washington Post

Why are Latino men moving away from Democrats? And how can liberals win them back?


"The growing Latino vote was a — maybe the— linchpin of this thinking. Which means that if, in fact, Latinos are drifting from Democrats, it constitutes an emergency for the party, one that could haunt them in 2022, 2024 and beyond."

Latino Men Voting Project


Who we are:

In 2024

Latinos will be the deciding factor for the election.

The Latino Men Vote Project will harness research, targeting, media, and turnout strategies to ensure Latino men are part of the decision making process come November.

Our hope is to reach out to 800,00 Latino men in 5 targeted states.


We will look at the various issues and strategies that will be vital for Latino men to participate as informed voters.




Target states


Latino Men Voters



Arizona, Nevada,Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin

Urban vs. Rural

Our work will look at the nuances & complexities of both messaging and mediums it takes to reach out to Latino men in these areas.

The Issues

The polls are in and it's 

the economy.

Poll after poll suggests the economy as being the top main issue among Latino men. Creating and implementing a distinct economic message across the various states will be critical to reaching out to these voters.


Additional research on issues such as Immigration, Education, 2nd Amendment will be important to include within our outreach.

Activate Latino Male Voters

Our Plan to


Create and implement a polling and tracking plan that highlights the attitudes of Latino men from now to Election Day.


Provide factual based content on issues, elections, and other pertinent information


Turnout Latino men by 2-5% greater than 2020 election in the 8 states.

Latino Men Voting!

2024 is the year for

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